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TagMyFav is the revolutionary bookmarking solution that aims to transform Microsoft 365.

Bookmark your emails on Outlook, files on Word, Chats on Teams and web pages on Browser to share it swiftly across any of these platforms.

Microsoft Teams

Bookmark an entire conversation or a chat and insert to share any link that’s saved in the app.

Microsoft Word

Bookmark a paragraph or a word file to share it later or insert into the word file for easy citation.

Microsoft Outlook

Bookmark your emails to collect in a categorized folder and share it with the authorized emails.

Chrome Extension

Bookmark one or all tabs on the browser and open all the collected bookmarks from the folder.

Flexible Pricing Plans For Customers

We present you with varieties of TagMyFav plans. Whether it’s a reliable resource manager for Microsoft Teams, easy link sharing via Outlook's email collector, Microsoft Word app for bookmarking and citation embedding, and a browser-based bookmarking solution to save and restore all tabs. Choose the plan that meets your needs and get the best value of your money.

TagMyFav for Microsoft Teams

TagMyFav's integration in Microsoft Teams allows efficient resources sharing across chats, groups, and Teams. Whether you are chatting with a person, group or Teams, TagMyFav is available in every chat with the Messaging Extension app to let you pin or share a piece or collection of bookmarks. That is why, you need to ever leave the links or an important conversation behind, tag it quickly with the Task Module app. You can also manage your personal favorites or Teams favorites within Microsoft Teams Tab app.

Why should I use the TagMyFav on Microsoft Teams?
  • You can directly add links from any conversation of your Teams to your TagMyFav.
  • Your saved links in TagMyFav can also be shared easily into conversations and messages within Teams.
  • You can share your collection with the users of your Teams.
  • Your collection can also be shared with Teams as well.

TagMyFav for Microsoft Word

TagMyFav comes up with the solutions of bookmarking your documents on Microsoft Word files. Whether you want to bookmark the entire file or a selected section from your word file, you can. Hyperlink automation, links insertion and opening multiple word files at the same time is possible with the TagMyFav extension for Microsoft Word that also supports chrome extension. Whether you want to share your word files in Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Outlook or simply organize all your documents at one spot for yourself, TagMyFav allows you to do so in simple steps.

Why should I use the TagMyFav on Microsoft Word?
  • Automatically read hyperlinks while you are reading documents.
  • Read links from the selected paragraph.
  • Insert your saved bookmarks as a link or as a hyperlink in the document.
  • All your link resources are available while you are writing a document.

TagMyFav for Microsoft Outlook

Millions of people use outlook to connect all their email accounts, schedules, and files in one spot. TagMyFav offers you to transform your Outlook into a managed repository of valuable information and insights to help you to be more productive and efficient. Well, TagMyFav allows you to access your saved URLs from anywhere within the Microsoft 365 environment and anything saved from Chrome that includes Outlook links, emails & conversations. With the pining support, you could read & add email links in parallel. TagMyFav also helps users with the feature of adding any saved bookmarks as links and hyperlinks while composing the mail.

Why should I use the TagMyFav on Microsoft Outlook?
  • Add or open TagMyFav from outlook add-ins and manage your Bookmark mess.
  • TagMyFav allows you to add email as a link and create a collection for emails.
  • Stay organized by keeping hyperlinks while composing mail with TagMyFav.
  • Insert your favorites links while writing an email.

TagMyFav Chrome Extension

Web browsers have been evolved over the years, and massive amounts of content are being introduced to the web. How can you deal with such a vast influx of data if you don’t have a system in place to organize your favorite tabs?TagMyFav promises to make your life easier by removing the fear of missing any of the tabs you have opened after putting in so much time and effort. It enables you to save all your tabs at the same time and share it with your teams.Let’s Save.Share.Send.Tag your favorite tabs.

Why should I use the TagMyFav chrome extension?
  • It’s easy to manage your favorite tabs through TagMyFav. Just open your browser and click the TagMyFav extension.
  • Have you found your favorite website and want to save it safely? Open TagMyFav browser extension and Click Add current Tab then your current tab will be saved safely to your desired collection.
  • Ever find yourself with a number of tabs open but don’t want to close your Browser. Save them all to a “Browser (Chrome)” folder!

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